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April 2018 - Week 2: Home-made Toothpaste, Pickles and Painting

I had my first attempt at making toothpaste today. I'll let it set overnight before giving it a test tomorrow. Fingers crossed that it tastes great and feels good too.

My first batch of home-made toothpaste... flavoured with tea-tree oil.

9/4/2018 - Monday

I made a roast dinner early so I would eat well with little disruption. I want to have a productive day.

I made some toothpaste based on Bryce’s recommendation of more bi-carb than coconut oil. I also put some tea tree oil in to hopefully give it a decent taste.

Coconut oil, bicarb soda, and tea tree oil (flavour optional).
coconut oil
Melted coconut oil with bicarb soda. Mix and add essential oil.

I checked on foraging workshop times with Diego Bonetto. They run till June. Sharna may be interested in going too. ($110 if meeting at the Penrose Forest or $140 including bus from Sydenham).

I completed and sent minutes of my meeting with Andrew.

10/4/2018 - Tuesday

I tried the toothpaste this morning. It has nearly solidified, but can be stirred. I won't use tea tree oil in future as it nearly made me gag. I will persist for a few days but may need to make another batch with something like peppermint essential oil for flavouring, or even use no flavour.

My homemade toothpaste is semi-solid

I went to the Innovation Campus to see Glenn (T.O) about accessing three of the crappier projectors to use in the upcoming digital festival. We went for lunch and discussed possibilities before returning to the iC to check stock. He is free next Tuesday afternoon to test three old VGA projectors (1024 x 768 resolution) using converter plugs (to HDMI). I will need to create some test videos ready for next week.

I did some more reading and annotating Castells.

11/4/2018 - Wednesday

Bob that I share the house with has pickled some onions and preserved some olives he was given. The olives have been there for a while.

Pickled onions in large jars.
Preserved olives.

I did some more work on Castells.

12/4/2018 - Thursday

I received a nice drawing from Deniz

I started another old soap... I'm used to the oiliness of this batch now.

Old soap that has too much oil and has gone off.

I did edited some of Castells. There is a lot of good material in this book relating to the process of how a social movement spreads from individual to collective action.

13/4/2018 - Friday

I've been using straight bicarb soda as a deodorant. It works ok but you need to be careful how much you use and how you apply it. I think I used some with a lump of bicarb and I could feel that it burned a bit.

Red mark on my underarm from bicarb burn

I RedCycled another load of soft plastics. I went to Coles at Fairy Meadow and noticed they must be getting a good response from people because they have changed the container to a larger one.

Soft plastics ready for recycling

A much larger area to put soft plastics

14/4/2018 - Saturday

I finally painted Dad's shirt that he gave me months ago and did the front of an old faded T-shirt that is badly stained under the arms from using my experimental deodorant.

Mixing paint for spraying

The front of Dad's painted shirt

My repainted old faded shirt (front)

I went to Dad's for lunch and took his shirt to give him. I hung it outside at his place and it was dry by the time I left.

I went to an opening at Project Gallery with Jason, bumped into plenty of people and had some great conversations. Apparently, I am currently being promoted as Artist of the Month on the project website. I'll have to have a look while I have my moment of glory hahaha.

I went for coffee and cake with Misty afterwards for the most awesome afternoon of good company and conversation. The coffees and cake at Kurtosh were also excellent.

I did edited CommodiSky into a 3 channel composition ready for the upcoming Digital Festival in May.

Rendering the composition took 6 hours

Testing CommodiSky on the television

15/4/2018 - Sunday

I bought some tinned peas and tried to find Australian grown. I couldn't get them... even expensive once Australian owned brands like Edgell weren't locally grown... they were from Belgium. I bought cheaper ones from France.

Tinned peas from France

Bob made a homemade pear and apple pie with citrus on top.

Bob putting a lattice lid on his pie

The pie in the oven ready for baking.

Bob's baked pear and apple pie

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