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April 2018 - Week 3: Painting Old Clothes, Video Testing and Plastic

I decided to spruce up some old clothes that are stained or just in need of revitalising. I broke out the spray bottles and laid down some newspaper as an easily replaceable work-space.

Newspaper weighed down with paint pots and spray bottles.

16/4/2018 - Monday

I continued working on Castells.

17/4/2018 - Tuesday

The back of the shirt I painted

I painted the reverse

side of the shirt I

painted the front of

on Saturday. It has

always had a blank

back but decided I

wanted it painted

on all sides.

18/4/2018 - Wednesday

I started another old soap, not one of the rancid batch, but one of the very first soaps, the 60/40, with olive and coconut oils. It looks a bit worse for wear from being stored without much consideration.

Soap from the first batch made in December 2016

I did some writing in the morning then met Misty for a cuppa later in the afternoon.

I have been asked to consider doing a 10-15 minute talk followed by questions as part of a sociology seminar series that's happening next week. I be talking about media and what I've been doing in this area of my investigations and practice. It seems too soon (Friday week) but there's nothing like a bit of pressure to get me moving.

19/4/2018 - Thursday

I went to the Innovation Campus to do some testing with Glenn. We couldn't get the first set of projectors to work, most likely because of all the converters (VGA to HDMI) from the projectors to the splitter, then to the computer. We tried some other old projectors, some with lamp problems but managed to get them up and running. We used the worst one (with a pinkish hue in the centre) for the tripped out colour because it's less noticeable among the other colours.

Glenn trying to get the first set of projectors working.

We also had to re-render the movie file because it wasn't the correct resolution

I also discovered that instead of outputting my three-channel composition at 3072 x 768, the software I'm using has actually output at 2000 x 768. This is weird, so I did a test render of a couple of minutes of footage to check the workflow and confirm that it is say it will output at the settings I want. However, sure enough, when rendered it was only 2000 x 768, which means it is horizontally compressing the composition severely so that it won't split equally between the three projectors.

The second set of three projectors, not quite set up yet
The three projectors working together

I met a graphic design student, Jake Dempsey, who was doing some interesting holograhic work. I mentioned the upcoming digital media festival and he said he may go in it.

20/4/2018 - Friday

I went to get some peppermint oil to put into my tea-tree toothpaste. The tea-tree is certainly good for its anti-bacterial qualities but its like using antiseptic cleaner and it can make you gag if it gets down the back of your throat.

Peppermint oil with the tea-tree oil toothpaste before being added.

I melted the remainder of the toothpaste mixture I'm using and added four drops of peppermint oil. It smells better already. I hope it works well. I also researched a recipe that recommended using a sweetener like stevia. I have some stevia so I'll keep this in mind if I think itwill help the final development of my toothpaste.

I also wandered around the fresh food section of Coles and was amazed at the amount of products wrapped in plastic.

A composite image of some of the fresh produce wrapped in plastic

I did some writing and started thinking about the kinds of things I want to talk about at the seminar next week.

21/4/2018 - Saturday

I did some writing in the morning, working on notes I should've sent to Jo last night.

Jake rang and said he wants to go in the media exhibition at Project so I got got his email details and forwarded info to him.

I didn't go to Nic's party in the afternoon/evening because I still hadn't finished editing to my satisfaction.

22/4/2018 - Sunday

In the morning I continued editing my social media notes.

In the afternoon I went to the most amazing show with Misty called Limbo. This was in a small demountable venue that resembled a circus tent, delivering an intimate performance of circus, music and burlesque.

In the evening I finished editing my social media notes, but didn't send them as it was already late, and I wanted a fresh read in the morning before committing to sending them.

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