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February 2017 - Organisational Systems

Updated: Jan 23, 2018


Design soap labels – Name and ingredients – need to edit to add weight…

Min. Weight 100gm

Revisit soap hardening research


Consider SoAC milestones - (Iterations within each – review / update scope / process)


Soap Parties / Workshops

Add more personal care objects

Add home care objects

Expand to other areas of everyday life (such as cooking)

Connect with other orgs…



Lush soaps just rapeseed and coconut with colours and fragrance


Consider management… forms etc…


Web design allowing -

Public – Look, Register, Login, Order

Members – Login, Order

Party Demonstrators – Login, Input Sales Data

Admin – Login, Total Backend Access


Started putting 4 body bar kits together in jars to do a trial workshop of 4 people…

Put ROE in all the oils in stock except the solid oils (coconut and cocoa butter)..

Sodium lactate and colour kit arrived – had to go collect

Researched sodium hydroxide supply - Blacktown

Complete form showing expenses to date


Factored in Sodium Lactate into soaps and kits

Developed cheaper soap - the Coconut-Rice Bar (60% Rice Bran & 40% Coconut)

Created retail sheet showing kits and soaps (with ingredients)

Weighed fully cured batch 4-5 weeks (determined 12 bars not 10 from each batch)

Weighs 1179gms (98gms/bar – therefore approx. 100gms)

Adjusted costing figures to reflect 12 bars/batch (looking much better)


Created a draft Catalogue

Consider interviewing Natalie Isaacs – Founder of 1MW

Consider fridge to store oils

Additional cost of power + unaccounted for costs such as water & detergent



Some re-organising of documents (fine tune folders)

Need to accommodate Custom Kits (member’s own recipe)

Put Custom Kits in catalogue near Raw Materials

Start to create Weighing, Labelling, Packing and Delivery Diary for Orders, Parties and W/shops


Review purchasing needs and suppliers

Start working on stock control system/records

Made a batch of the Body-Bar recipe (used a kit for the first time

– forgot to put in Sodium Lactate)


Continued working on stock (oils) records + worked on jars

Made a batch each of the Coconut-Rice and Luxury Bars


Removed Body-Bar from mould… (Dark in the centre)… researched and found that it only went through partial gel phase… Cut into individual soaps… took pictures

I organised media from devices (photos and videos) only to discover that I had deleted some (in the incorrect belief that I had already removed them - I assume that I had only viewed and not actually removed the media because I cannot locate those files).


Removed Coconut-Rice-Bar from its mould and cut into individual soaps…

Worked on labelling for bars (hoping to have some available for sale during UOW Clubs Day)… Label layout positions on soap changed with making 12 bars not 10…

Reviewed suppliers to make sure before ordering - Made my first major stock order – $471 with N-Essentials in Victoria (including $54 postage) – carrier oils and essential oil fragrances…Needed to get more stuff to make the Super-Luxury-Bar soap and kit…


Removed Luxury-Bar from its mould and cut into individual soaps…

Reviewed silicone suppliers for making moulds

Complete admin related to PhD / Centrelink


Sold some soap (2 Butter-Bars for $5) + gave some older soap

Order silicone for making moulds (couldn’t find locally)


Create Income sheet for SOAC admin

Research silicone suppliers for making own moulds


Ordered some Soap Nuts to test


The silicone I ordered arrived today. I’ll be able to start making moulds.

Silicone and hardener

I went looking at digital kitchen scales and managed instead to borrow a set from a friend… this should make weighing easier.

I bought some more distilled water.

I had a ‘keep-in-the-back-of-the-brain’ idea to work over the next 2-3 years towards establishing a local Alternative Consumption Festival:

It may be worth making a future application to Wollongong City Council

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