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January 2018 - Week 2: Deconstructed Detournement

I had an idea to assist in comprehension of mash-up detournements I have been doing by providing source material as well as the final detournement. I consider this to be deconstructed detournement.

8/1/2017 - Monday

I edited the final three-projector video as a deconstructed detournement, by providing the raw ingredients of the detournement. However, if I was perhaps using stronger, better known works, there would be no need for deconstruction. In Situationist terms, I have done a secondary detournement (using obscure source material), rather than a primary detournement (using well known source material). Deconstructing in this way assists the viewer in extracting relevant meaning from the detournement.

I saved and printed some stills and arranged some of these on the floor, moving them around until I was satisfied with the final look, then created a poster/print using eight of the still frames in accordance with my manual image play. I used up one of the colours and now need more ink. The printer needs all tanks to be working, otherwise it stops. Consequently, I ordered more ink.

Still-frame of the three projector composition - The Long March 2018

8 still frames used to make

an A1 poster-size print

9/1/2018 - Tuesday

I went to the Innovation Campus today to see Glenn about testing my latest three-screen video The Long March 2018, and shooting footage of Suitman attempting to clean away the stain, which will become a single screen work called The Stain 2018. I booked the Digital Media Centre gallery as well as Glenn’s time to train me up in projector installation. I will set up and pull down a couple of times for practice. (I have previously relied too much on Glenn for artwork installations).

I went to the local op shop to see about frames that may have been suitable for prints of stills, but they were either too ornate or damaged.

10/1/2018 - Wednesday

I worked on the website today doing a few odds and ends, such as organising blog categories and changing link colours etc.

I received an email confirming funding for Clubs Day, but I am still waiting to hear about ‘O Week’ funding (this event is on 2 weeks before Clubs Day).

I emailed details about soap making to a friend in Melbourne who will try it out with a friend sometime in the near future.

I1/1/2018 - Thursday

I went to organise some prints of stills from The Long March video detournement and bought some frames to see how they look. I’m accumulating material towards some form of exhibiting this year. I will join a couple of local artist run galleries to provide an opportunity to do this outside of the university.

12/1/2018 - Friday

I went to Project Contemporary Art Space to have a free and clear viewing of an exhibition this evening by Philip Reuter, Christine South and Tanya (?)… I picked up a membership form for to become involved with the gallery and look towards exhibiting some work. I went to the exhibition opening in the evening.

At night, my computer died from running out of power because of a recurring, internal power supply issue.

13/1/2018 - Saturday

I took my laptop to Jason to see if he could get it going. He is into the idea of repair rather than replace and fixed the root cause (the feet of the lid had become separated from the chassis) by using an epoxy resin for long lasting adhesion. He also soldered wires back onto the power cable input unit.

My laptop pulled

apart for repairs

I borrowed my Dad’s laptop so that I could access the university online backup of my files to do some writing.

14/1/2018 - Sunday

Jason has fixed the laptop and dropped it off on his way to a birthday lunch. I’m back to working on my own machine, focused on organising /editing /writing an article about radical art to send to Andrew.

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