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Late August 2017 - Live Art Week

Updated: Jan 23, 2018

16/8/2017 – Wednesday

We made a good start to chalking the steps yesterday and completed them today.

“Stairy Night”PSST project - completed steps –

I heard from Jo today with last minute feedback that will have to go into the final document I hand in next week. Also, Andrew hasn’t been in contact because he hasn’t been receiving my emails. Apparently, I’ve been using an incorrect email address and sending stuff to a student with the same name as Andrew. I’ll blame the flu for messing with my head.

15/8/2017 – Tuesday

I’m not feeling the best and want to avoid going to do any chalking, but feel obligated.

I dragged myself off for the Live Art Week activity we’d organised to do. We’ll be chalking the steps to building 11 tomorrow as well with whoever is walking past that we can interest in joining us.

I had to hand in my RPR Abstract and Bio today without Jo or Andrew having seen the latest iteration. I haven’t heard from Andrew lately and haven’t been able to meet face to face because of the flu.

Previously made soaps I’m using

in the shower. The bright orange

one went a yellowish white until

the inside was revealed through


17/8/2017 - Thursday

I couldn’t attend the Writing Masterclass today organised by Linda due to the aggravation of lingering flu symptoms that I don’t want to spread.

My housemate made some jam today with oranges and lemons. He used green jelly crystals as sugar. It’s a simple process of cooking fruit and sugar with water added.

Bob’s home-made jam

19/8/207 – Saturday

Soap making day with Jason even though I’m still lacking energy from the flu. He made a ‘super-luxury’ soap recipe (a complex combination of oils) and I made a simple soap made with Coconut Oil and Rice Bran Oil. I did however colour the soap for the first time using a green liquid colouring from a test pack I had purchased months ago. Jason used a new silicone mould and wooden surround for the first time while I used my usual UHT milk cartons (saved from months ago).

UHT milk carton moulds

insulated with a towel

The mould on the left has

bowed in through lack of


I usually use bricks to

support them.

Severe head cold symptoms set in during the evening, making me very phlegmy and snotty. I’m trying to respond to feedback from my supervisors to improve my RPR documentation but am struggling with a stuffy head.

20/8/2017 – Sunday

I’m still working on my RPR documentation in adverse circumstances.I checked out the orange peel cleaner that I’ve left much longer than recommended. It looks a bit rotten so I’d better deal with it when I’m feeling better.

No longer covered by vinegar

(from soaking it up), the peel

doesn’t look very healthy

The vinegar level has dropped considerably. I must remember

to top up jars with vinegar.

21/8/2017 – Monday

I don’t feel the best and I’m still working on my RPR documentation.

22/8/2017 – TuesdayI handed in my RPR documentation a little late today. It was due to be handed in by 5.00pm but didn’t get uploaded till 9.00pm. I felt I could’ve easily kept working on it for another week so had to reluctantly let it go, knowing it was not completed as well as I would’ve liked. It was the fourth draft though so I’ll have to get better at improving it quicker. Being unwell with the flu over the last couple of weeks has made getting this together a painful process. Glad to turn my attention to something else… my presentation in two weeks.

23/8/2017 - Wednesday

I unmoulded the soap and used Jason’s new cutter to cut it into 12 blocks. This was much quicker and easier than my usual system of measuring and cutting.

Soap block ready

to be cut

Commercially produced

soap cutter

The soap bars have a

pleasing speckled look

from not mixing the

colour thoroughly

Jason gave me a wooden soap dish and while I was putting it in place I decided to finally remove the plastic containers that have been unused for some time.

These plastic items are not

being used and have been

hanging around my

bathroom too long

I’m also getting rid of

the soapnut shampoo

I made in favour of a

complex-oil bar-soap


My housemate’s shampoo /conditioner/ body wash/ etc…

Note my wooden soap dish

on the right

24/8/2017 – Thursday

I attended a student representation forum this afternoon.

25th-30th/8/2017 – Friday to Wednesday

I spent the week working on my PowerPoint slides and putting together about six-hundred words to deliver in the twenty minutes I have. I am then required to respond to twenty minutes of questioning.

I continue to bury vegetable peelings but am thinking of starting a worm farm

Ready for burial

(about 15cm deep)

Post burial –

No sign of scraps

My laptop decided to die just before I give the first practice run of my presentation. It refuses to power up and the problem is not the power source. Glenn completely pulled it apart and thankfully restored it to working order. He has recommended that I invest in another as soon as I’m able as this was probably a warning sign of things to come.

I am very lucky that

Glenn (Innovation Campus

Technical Officer)could

restore power to my laptop

31/8/2017 – ThursdayI attended a gathering of my fellow PhD candidates for a practice run of my presentation with others who will be also be presenting next week organised by Su Ballard, the Head of Post Graduate Studies (HPS). My presentation went for 18 ½ minutes, which allows time for me to say a few more words to take it closer to twenty. I also received some useful feedback on slide ordering from Su.

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