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May 2018 - Week 3: Making Soap and Markalade with Others

Updated: May 22, 2018

I made a batch of soap with Noah. He chose red and white as colours to add in addition to the natural colouring. We made it with coconut oil and rice-bran oil to keep the price down. It will end up costing each of us $3.50 for 6 or 7 bars of soap.

14/5/2018 - Monday

I had my meeting with Andrew. The head cold seemed to get worse as the day progressed and I ended up getting nothing else done.

15/5/2018 - Tuesday

I made some soap with Noah. We went halves in a batch.

Noah weighing coconut and rice bran oils.

Noah chose red and white to add some colour.

Soap moulds are wrapped in towels to insulate them for 24 hours.

A cut block of soap. I called this batch strawberry cheesecake.

16/5/2018 - Wednesday

I went into the Uni to do some work. I still feel a bit washed out and heavy headed but figure the fresh air and change of environment will do me good.

I had lunch with Misty. While waiting for her to get a cuppa, I met Con, who asked if he could join me at the table. We talked quite a bit about art, life, and the Situationists. Unfortunately, I didn't get to talk much with Misty.

17/5/2018 - Thursday

I went to do some work at uni in the morning and had lunch with Deniz. She took her leftovers home in a cardboard takeaway container. Well done Rashays.

A cardboard take-away food container.

18/5/2018 - Friday

Rod rang to advise the TAFE screen media class was coming in to have a look at the exhibition on at Project. I went to open up and set up the displays before they arrived (due about 15 mins prior to official opening time)

I made some marmalade in the afternoon with Rod.

Rod removing skin, pith, and membrane material from 6 oranges.

There is more than a container full of removed fibrous material.

Orange pulp and skin slithers with water ready to cook.

Boiling after adding sugar.

Rod with a finished jar of marmalade.

19/5/2018 - Saturday

I went to Comic Gong in the morning with Rob and Jason. There were lots of costume wearing individuals freely walking around town. It would be good if people could feel free to dress in whatever way they choose without having to have the excuse of a costume event.

A few of the characters wandering around outside Old Wollongong Town Hall.

I went to Dad's for lunch.

I went to "Yesterday Stories"... 'beta-version', pre-launch at Kembla Heights Community Hall. This is a new app that has been developed to allow users to access videos of local stories. The app will bring up the 7 closest stories to the user's location. Many people were present at the meeting who had had the audio of their stories recorded. These stories were then largely reconstructed with dramatic video footage.

The presentation of a number of short stories at Kembla Heights Community Hall.

We had a fire out the back at night. Matt, Deniz, Bill, Jason, and Rob came over for a sing-along and guitar playing session with Bob and I.

A nice warm fire to sit around with friends while playing guitar

20/5/2018 - Sunday

I looked after Project Gallery in the morning. Dad and his lady friend Di came in for a look around. They seemed to enjoy the works, despite being traditional lovers of realistic paintings. Digital media is new to them. Bill and Marissa also called in for a look around before the exhibition closes.

A last look down the gallery. My work is behind the back moveable wall.

One last look at my work in this iteration. I will add some text before its next exhibition

I went home to do some Uni work for a few hours (mainly trying to catch up on blog entries for last week (as well optimising images and uploading the previous week) before returning to the Gallery for pull-down. The exhibition closed at 4.00pm.

I did more work on Vaneigem at night.

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