I am a multi-disciplinary artist currently undertaking a practice-based PhD. This project is part of my art practice.


I am interested in enjoying the creativity of everyday-life, rather than the monotony of 'consumer' driven behaviours.


I encourage others to be part of a community of like-minded individuals. Engage together and share in personal revolution to change individual behaviours and contribute to a better world.

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Corporations Need More
Society of Alternative Consumption

This art project supports my PhD thesis, Art and Life: Personal Revolution in Contemporary Society, The project investigates the practice of ‘personal revolution’ and its potential to inspire collective action; consuming sustainably in the twenty-first century while transforming art into life. ‘Personal revolution’ recasts the concept of ‘individual alchemy’, which originated with the Situationist International  (1957-1972). Their aim to recapture the lived experience of ‘everyday life’ through aesthetic intervention remains relevant today.


The project asks: how can the theories and practice of the Situationists be (re)enacted today as ‘personal revolution’ to counter the commodification of everyday life?

Theorising the differentiation between ‘everyday life’ and the ‘everyday’ through Henri Lefebvre, Guy Debord, Raoul Vaneigem and other Situationists, this project traces the development of ‘personal revolution’ in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries as the practice evolved through the emergence of counterculture, alternative lifestyle movements, political activism, and network culture. The shifting relationship between art and life is examined through the analyses of art practices of Marcel Duchamp, Andy Warhol, Bonnie Sherk, and Joseph Beuys as well as contemporary-media artworks of Gran Fury, Rirkirt Tiravanija, the Yes Men and Women on Waves.

This theoretical framework provides the grounding of the practice-based component which (re)enacts the Situationist concept of the ‘transformation of art into life’. Through iterative experimentation with making (consumable products) and performing (information dissemination), I test the hypothesis that ‘personal revolution’ as a creative strategy can activate collective practices of alternative consumption.

This project contributes to contemporary studies on art-activism by focusing on aesthetic intervention as a strategy to negate the increasing commodification of all aspects of living. Through this practice of ‘personal revolution’, performative and participatory action becomes lived experience that recaptures ‘everyday life’.

Mark Richardson
Mark Richardson
PhD Candidate

​Artist Statement

As a multidisciplinary artist with skills and interests in audio-visual composition, including music video, documentary, sound design, multimedia, media arts and the internet, I am concerned with exploring life generally, particularly contemporary cultural and

socio-economic issues related to globalisation and the digital age.

This has led me to socially engaged art practice, which I document

for exhibition.

My practice varies, but I prefer to incorporate social relations and communication as a medium in my attempts to transform art into life. I utilise digital media to document my practice, usually in the form of video, which may be single or multi-screen, projection or installation, and could include 2D and/or 3D animated elements. I use image and audio in various contexts to explore themes of contemporary life, connect with people and provide an experience that hopefully resonates beyond the work.

I also have an interest in electronic media arts, exploring the possibilities of incorporating microprocessors and sensors to enhance interactive experiences with screen based and performance works.



I have owned and operated a gallery and a textile design business, and as a singer/songwriter my arts business experience informs my subsequent interests, particularly music video and how the form is influencing media more broadly.


Academic History:

PhD (Creative Arts) - Commenced 2017

Thesis - Art and Life: Personal Revolution in Contemporary Society

Bachelor Creative Arts (Hons. Class 1) - Media Arts 2015

Bachelor Digital Media 2014 (with Distinction)

Adv. Dip. Screen Media 2014

Dip. Interactive Digital Media 2013

Cert. IV Interactive Digital Media 2012

Cert. IV Design 2011

Dip. Information Technology - Project Management 2010 (with Distinction)

Dip. Information Technology - Multimedia 2009/10

Incomplete: B.C.A. (Creative Writing and Musical Composition) 1985

Incomplete: B.Com. 1979/80 – BHP Commerce Trainee

H.S.C 1978



Mandy Apple (Music Duo) – Writer / Performer 2013/14

N.Rich.M (Solo Performer: Guitar/Vocal) - Writer / Performer 2008/11

Proprietor – R ‘n’ R Fabric Art and Design (Manufacture/Wholesale/Retail) 1991/5

Watt Woz Iz (Band) – Writer / Performer 1988/90

Proprietor – Artie Phartee’s Arts and Crafts Gallery Gallery 1986/7

Mark Richardson