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July 2018 - Week 1:

I mainly spent the week researching, reading and watching Situationist films. I continued my fresh food journey, and made an amazing meat slice.

Yummy meat slice.
Yummy meat slice.

2/7/2018 - Monday

I'm still finding information about Debord and Jorn's Memoires, I seem to be stuck on this one artwork at the moment.

I've been making homemade pizzas for lunches over the last few days.

3/7/2018 - Tuesday

I went to the Salvos store to see about getting items of clothing for students to paint during live art week (13-17 August) and I also sent a proposal to Unilife. I need to get a letter with a UOW letterhead and submit my proposal to the Salvos manager, Rebekkah.

I'm hoping to organise this Situationist writing to send to Jo and Andrew in the next week.

4/7/2018 - Wednesday

I uploaded last week's journal entry.

I made a slab of meat slice, with carrot, potato, jalapeno, and onion, using 1/2 extra-lean beef mince (5% fat) and 1/2 pork mince. I ended up with 18 slices, which will be good frozen for convenience.

Left/top: The meat mixture in the baking dish before adding a shortcrust pastry lid. Right/bottom: Slices packed ready for freezing.
Left/top: The meat mixture in the baking dish before adding a shortcrust pastry lid. Right/bottom: Slices packed ready for freezing.

I continued research/writing.

I had two meat slices and mashed potato with gravy for dinner.

5/7/2018 - Thursday

I experimented with shooting footage of Suitman speaking to camera. I wasn't happy with the lounge-room aesthetic so may see about shooting with a green screen background at Bill's. I'll need to ask to extend my equipment loan. I also need to determine exactly what I intend to say rather than simply improvising.

I returned the equipment and had lunch with Glenn. I asked to borrow equipment for longer while Uni is on mid year recess.

I went to Project Gallery's executive meeting/social night.

6/7/2018 - Friday

I went and had a wander round the farmers' market and had brunch with Sharna, who I hadn't seen for a while. I gave her 3 different coloured soaps and 3 different jams to try (orange markalade, burnt orange markalade, and mixed berry jam).

I went for late lunch with Dad for his birthday.

I went to the Queer Art Festival Exhibition at Project Gallery. Deniz has work on display (3D photograph that you wear red/blue glasses to view). A group of about 10 of us went for dinner and to the after party.

7/7/2018 - Saturday

I went to Dad's for lunch.

I worked on my Live Art Week proposals to the Salvos and UniLife (I'm meeting with Unilife on Tuesday), and continued with my other writing.

8/7/2018 - Sunday

I went to a family dinner to celebrate mine and Dad's birthdays. (It's my birthday mid this week coming)

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