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April 2018 - Week 4: Social Media & Building Community + Sociology Presentation

I'm trying to use social media to generate some interest from people. I would like individuals to join this alternative consumption community, so they can share their experiences in the blog. I added some text to the composite image I made from photographs I took at Coles, and shared it on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Fresh fruit and vegetables wrapped in plastic
Fresh fruit and vegetables wrapped in plastic

23/4/2018 - Monday

In the morning, I tweaked the writing I've been working on and sent it to Jo.

I optimised and added images, and published the last blog.

I did some social media promotional /engagement.

A screenshot of my Instagram post
A screenshot of my Instagram post

I started writing my presentation for Friday, as part of Sociology Research Week.

24/4/2018 - Tuesday

I worked on my upcoming presentation.

25/4/2018 - Wednesday

I worked on my presentation.

26/4/2018 - Thursday

I had a meeting with Jo. I need to work on making my writing style clearer and to be careful not to be simply justifying my assumptions.

I was supposed to see Ruchi at Project Gallery but she had to go to Sydney. I will see her next week to discuss the Digital Media exhibition setup.

I finished and practiced my presentation (to be sure it was the right timing of 10 - 15 minutes).

Poster for the upcoming digital arts festival.
Poster for the upcoming digital arts festival.

27/4/2018 - Friday

I gave my presentation and it went well. I had some interesting questions about social theory and emotional motivations in community building using social media (which I said at the outset I wouldn't be addressing in my talk because of time constraints), and useful comments suggesting a look at

Baudrillard and non-French theorists. The other presentations I saw were interesting, one relating to expectations on Tinder, and the other to psychotherapy.

Afterwards I had a good debrief with Misty and Desiree (they had to come to provide support) and discussed some of the things I had to address as a result of my last supervisors meeting. We agreed we need a better understanding of how to approach our writing so that we aren't justifying our assumptions... which is what I have been told I'm doing.

In the afternoon we discussed community building that would benefit students, that is, establishing networks of information for potential Honours and Higher Degree research students. We went for a sociable couple of drinks afterwards. This was a good community building day as previously, I didn't know any of the academics in Sociology, other than my supervisor Andrew.

28/4/2018 - Saturday

I went with Matt and Deniz to visit Rob and Jason because one of their dogs, Minnie, is very sick and about to be put down. Everyone is sad and wanting to see Minnie and support Rob and Jason.

I made a split pea and bacon soup when I got home and had a quiet night.

29/4/2018 - Sunday

I did a bit of admin, catching up on journal entries for the week, and optimising images for upload, ready for publishing.

I'm member of the month at Project Gallery for April so I took a screenshot while its still active.

A screenshot of my Member of the Month for April blurb
A screenshot of my Member of the Month for April blurb

I had a homemade soup lunch with Rob and Jason at home. They were having a day out for distraction and to raise their spirits.

I contacted Jo and Andrew to sort out an agreeable time for a joint meeting next time (in about 3 weeks).

In the afternoon, I started working on some Situationist focused writing; explaining their theories and providing examples of their actions. Jo wants 2000 words sent before our next meeting.

In the evening, I started reading and annotating Papacarissi ready to start writing a media focused chapter.

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