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Early August 2017 - Clubs Day (PSST)

Updated: Jan 23, 2018


I went to the Innovation Campus to see Glenn (Technical Officer) to borrow equipment for tomorrow’s Clubs Day media needs (Canon 5D DSLR; Sony camcorder, and 2 Manfrotto tripods). I need to return them on Friday and we can go to lunch to discuss plans.

I also spoke to Glenn about my proposed exhibition in 2020. We had a look in the washroom part of the male toilets and determined a place that a screen could be installed. I see this space (gallery toilet) as being on the boundary of art and life. Therefore, a participatory installation will consist of soap to wash hands with, accompanied by a screen providing information about DIY and commercial soaps.

I looked elsewhere for food grade eucalyptus to use in home-made toothpaste but still keep finding only non-food grade, poison grade eucalyptus for cleaning. I need check with Jason, who’s recipe I have, to see where he found his food grade eucalyptus.

I organised what needs to be collected from others to be taken to the Uni tomorrow.

I completed the latest draft of my RPR and sent it to my supervisors to give them time to look at it and provide feedback for our meeting on Friday morning.

2/8/2017 (Wednesday)

Clubs Day – PSST signed over 20 new members & captured some stop motion footage (we had the ‘public’ participating as well… moving plasticine a little for each new photo) …we also documented the day on video and photos… We had myself, Noah, Justy and Bryce running the stand, taking stop motion pictures, and gathering documentation footage.

Noah (PSST Treasurer)

setting up our table for

Clubs Day

3/8/2017 (Thursday)

I made two stop motion animations with footage gathered at Clubs Day

Video still from animation

#1 (figure wandering over


4/8/2017 (Friday)

Meeting with Supervisors in the morning

Return camera equipment and have lunch with Glenn

Jo Law Art Exhibition Opening at Wollongong City Gallery – Illawarra Almanac

(collective participation project over 3 months gathering weather data)

5/8/2017 (Saturday)

I attended Jo Law’s Illawarra Almanac collective-workshop at Wollongong City Gallery

I posted a test pic to Instagram group page of a tree bare of leaves.

Still of video at the Illawarra

Almanac exhibition at

Wollongong City Gallery

6/8/2017 (Sunday)

PSST meeting - admin from Clubs Day (currently 112 members)

We discussed organising events – 2nd Birthday and reaching 100 members + AGM

We started a new PSST Gmail account (for communication with members outside of the CSE system)

We applied to partake in Live Art Week (15-17 August)

7/8/2017 (Monday)

I researched eucalyptus oil and found it is not good to ingest over a long period (such as a year) because of liver damage… It is therefore unsuitable for using in toothpaste. I found that cinnamon and peppermint are both ok to use.

A very nice, complex-oil-blend

soap made by and with a friend. Great for using as shampoo or

for shaving.

8/8/2017 (Tuesday)

PSST meeting at Uni regarding Live Art Week (15-17 August) - Justy (Secretary) nominated as project leader – she will liaise with event organisers and direct participants as well as provide guidance to coordinate everyone We have been allocated two projects… chalking the steps to Building 11 and completing a mural in a yet to be revealed location… Justy is also engaging with members via social media to encourage more member participation…

I edited together the video footage shot during Clubs Day for each camera

9/8/2017 – Wednesday

I have developed a of body aching un-wellness. I am taking it easy for a few days.

10/8/2017 – Thursday

Most of the time (depending on my housemate) I can tip the contents of the garbage bag into newspaper. This can then go into the bin and the bag can be reused.

Contents of a plastic garbage

bag put into newspaper; the

bag can be reused, thereby

keeping it out of landfill

12/8/2017 – Saturday

I did a load of washing today and tried putting diluted eucalyptus oil on the persistent underarm stains that are caused by my homemade deodorant.

Stain saturated with

diluted eucalyptus oil

prior to washing

Maybe I should have soaked. This gave the washing a nice smell but failed to remove the stains.

Despite not being 100%, I thought I might be OK to go to a party for a friend who is moving overseas. I felt like I should go because I won’t get a chance to see them before they leave. (And I’d already been embarrassed at the op-shop getting a ‘dress’ to wear… yes, a dress)

13/8/2017 – Sunday

Unfortunately, the party last night was a ‘drag’ event and held outside where it was freezing cold with a strong wind blowing and I have developed an even nastier flu.

My sexy outfit that

did not keep me


despite long johns

worn as tights.

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