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Early October 2017 - D.I.Y Deodorant and Marmalade

Updated: Jan 23, 2018

1/10/2017 - Sunday

I made a deodorant today using the PSST display kit from Club’s Day.

Coconut oil, Shea butter

and sunflower oil

Dry ingredients: bi-carb

soda and arrowroot powder

Mix dry ingredients

and oils

I’m reading (slowly) Bernard Stiegler’s Symbolic Misery (Volume 1). It is hard going. His style is dense with extremely long sentences. Clarity is therefore difficult to achieve.

2/10/2017 - Monday

The solid matter (arrowroot and bi-carb) in the deodorant has settled and a great deal of oil has floated to the top. This has probably occurred because it was a winter recipe and the weather is warming. It needs a bit of solid oil added, such as Shea butter. It could also be because I used sunflower oil, which is much thinner than castor oil that I usually use.

Complete separation

of the oil

3/10/2017 - Tuesday

I added more Shea butter but there is still a significant layer of oil floating on top of the deodorant mixture so I am adding some more Shea butter (about twice as much as last time)

Less oil separated,

but still a significant


4/10/2017 - Wednesday

I need to add more Shea butter to prevent oil separation and dry ingredient settling.

I'll add a bigger chunk of

Shea butter to be sure

5/10/2017 - Thursday

The extra Shea butter seems to have thickened the deodorant mixture enough to remove the oil layer.

No more oil separation

I started to fill out the first section of my Annual Progress Report. Although it’s straight-forward enough, it’s quite long and involved. I’ll finish it before it’s due on the 12th of October.

6/10/2017 - Friday

The semi-colons met today and had an interesting discussion about the reading. Linda said she benefited because she can use information in constructing one of the characters in the novel she is writing for her PhD creative work. Samson found some of Stiegler’s concepts interesting, as did a new member to the group, Clara.

The deodorant mixture seems to be working, i.e. the solid matter is remaining suspended in the fluid. The mixture is not solid either, as I am able to watch it move in the jar as I change its angle. It’s runny and sloppy to wipe on with my finger (as I have become used to doing).

7/10/2017 - Saturday

I’m reading the last of Stiegler today and completing my annotation.

8/10/17 - Sunday

I ended up putting the deodorant mixture into a roll-on container because it seems to be fluid yet thick through the suspension of arrowroot and bi-carb.

I’m back to trying to

make a roll-on that

actually works

9/10/2017 - Monday

I sent Jo and Andrew my annotation of Bernard Stiegler’s - Symbolic Misery - Volume 1 - The Hyperindustrial Epoch 2014 [2004]

10/10/2017 - Tuesday

I bought six small oranges for $1.80 to make some more marmalade, as I’ve nearly finished the first batch of mandarin marmalade that I recently made.

First of six oranges

peeled and chopped

Nearly done peeling

and chopping

Nearly cover the fruit

with water (1 ½ cups) and

use the same amount of

sugar (I used only 1 cup

of sugar)

3 x 375ml jars

about 2/3 filled

I cooked the mixture for 2-3 hours which thickened it up perhaps too much. It is very yummy though.

I completed and submitted the first section of my Annual Progress Report (APR) today.

I started reading Susan Buck-Morss’ - The Origin of Negative Dialectics (1977) Whilst academic in style, it’s a great relief after the denseness of Stiegler.

11/10/2017 - Wednesday

It’s a been a bit cooler (below 20 degrees) over the last few days and the deodorant has thickened too much in the roll-on container to be usable. I am therefore using my finger as before to wipe from the jar (with the remains of the mixture that didn’t fit into the roll-on). This is sloppier than I am used too but is more effective than the choked-up roll-on. Hopefully the roll-on becomes usable as the weather warms. It will no doubt need more solid oil (shea butter) as we get into the warmth of summer.

This deodorant mixture

is sloppier than the creamy consistency I’ve become

used to

IDEA: I had an idea today to film myself as Suitman washing images of first world consumption, third world labour, war, etc. using home-made soap. I will begin with small images as a test, followed by bigger images if it succeeds. I am interested to see what digitally printed images look like after being ‘washed’. Will they go runny?

12/10/2017 - Thursday

IDEA: On further consideration of my idea, I have decided I will also film myself attempting to clean projected footage of images such as those considered yesterday. This will demonstrate the impossibility of simply washing away the ‘stain’ of neoliberalism.

I received feedback on my first annotation and it is too short. Apparently, I need to be writing about 4,000 words for a book and about 1500 words for an article.

I’ve been working on the annotation for the Fitzpatrick reading I provided to the semi-colons. I was going to send it to Jo and Andrew before our meeting tomorrow but now I know that it needs more work.

13/10/2017 - Friday

I met with my supervisors, Jo and Andrew and de-briefed after my RPR (Research Proposal Review) held early last month, discussed my APR (Annual Progress Report), and the course of action in the immediate future.

14/10/2017 - Saturday

I went to Port Kembla Community Centre with a couple of friends to an event called Jam ‘n’ Bread, where they bring people together to play musical instruments together in a ‘jam’ whilst also making bread to share. It is a fantastic community building initiative, and I was surprised to see that the place was full of willing participants. The day started with bread making before two musicians entertained everyone. When the bread was baked there was a break for eating, then the jam began with people on guitars, hose-pipes, drums, clarinet, and Egyptian flute.

Egypsy - Fusion of

Egyptian and Gypsy

styles of music

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