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End Feb. /Start March 2018 - Week 4: Strawberry Jam, Exhibition and Collages

I made some great strawberry jam early in the week, went to the International Women's Day Exhibition at Project gallery and digitised some mixed-media collage-paintings that I blended into a kind of collage of a collage.

Half of the


are chopped

26/2/2018 - Monday

Still raining… more reading and writing and organising files.

27/2/2018 - Tuesday

More organising, plus journal/blog updates

28/2/2018 - Wednesday

I went to return equipment to Glenn but he was away doing a first aid course. I was going to drop the equipment off and go into the main campus for the High Output Writing Group but didn’t want to leave the equipment in my car and went home instead.

I stopped off at the fruit market and grabbed some strawberries on the way home to make some jam. I chopped up ½ kilo of strawberries, put them in a pan and nearly covered them with water, and added ½ kilo of sugar after an hour of boiling lightly. I continued to to lightly boil for another hour before adding a little pectin to thicken.

The strawberries

are covered with

water and ready

to cook.

The strawberries

have been boiling

lightly for an hour

before I add sugar.

The sugar needs to

cook and become


I made 5 x 125gm

jars from 500gms

(2 punnets) of

strawberries and

500gms of castor

sugar (+ some pectin

to help it to set).

I read and took notes on Social Media by Christian Fuchs.

1/3/2018 - Thursday

I went too early to return equipment as Glenn wasn’t in yet. I went and had some breakfast at Flagstaff Point near the lighthouse, enjoying the view and serenity for a while before trying again. I returned everything and asked to borrow the Canon 5D DSLR again next week for Clubs Day.

Enjoying morning

tea while overlooking

City Beach.

I went to the Op shop to get a shirt for the upcoming 70s disco party on the 24th for Jason’s birthday. It’s made of Thai silk with a bit of a dark coloured paisley design.

My disco shirt

(which is most

likely 50s-60s


I went to the hospital with Deniz while she had blood tests for tomorrow’s procedure.

I had dinner with Matt and Deniz.

2/3/2018 - Friday

I went into the Uni to clarify what’s happening on Clubs Day. We will be getting to use an electric BBQ near the juggler’s lawn at the Uni, but aren’t allowed to let people cook their own, as was the original attention. That old beast, risk assessment reared its ugly head, so I guess people will assemble their own pancake, rather than making it.

I sent out an email to kick off the semi-colon reading group for the year.

I did some reading/writing and organising.

3/3/2018 - Saturday

Clubs Day is filling my head with concern that we won’t be organised; Nic is working, Deniz is not well, and Noah may be working (he was called in to work on O Week). I went and bought some cutlery and plates for Wednesday. I organised a PSST executive meeting for tomorrow to discuss logistics and sent out member emails to try and encourage people other than the executive to help.

I really like my yummy home-made jams. I enjoyed markalade and strawberry jam for breakfast before I did domestics and some journal stuff before going to Dad’s for lunch.



and strawberry

jam on toast.

I went to an International Women’s Day art exhibition opening at Project Gallery. I ran into fellow PhD candidate Misty and new PhD candidate Desiree, with her boyfriend and brother, and had an even better night. The opening provided entertainment, including a circus-type act (juggling etc.), and an all-female brass band performing a New Orleans style bluesy-jazz funeral march. We went for coffer and cake afterwards.

Femmes Fatales

performing at

Project Gallery.

4/3/2018 - Sunday

I had quite a social day. I went and had lunch with Deniz who’s recovering from surgery. I took her a jar of getwellsoonsberry jam.



I finally gave Fleabag his Christmas shirt… it fit well thankfully. I also gave him a jar of strawberry jam.

Brother Paul visited for a while.

I documented some of Chub’s paintings (neighbour) and made a combination of them as a collaboration-of-sorts to produce another work. I find this process interesting because Chub incorporates collage into his paintings, and I am creating a secondary digital-collage from his original works.

Chub’s last 3 paintings, square format, dimensions 4-foot x 4-foot.

I bought the one on the left.

All three works from the panel above... combined and blended as one work.

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