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End Jan. /Start Feb. 2018 - Week 5: Green Screen and Testing

Updated: Feb 5, 2018

A friend built a D.I.Y green screen set up in one of the rooms of his house which worked out to be very effective.

Shooting some

test footage

29/1/2018 - Monday

I worked on an some exegetical (about my art practice) writing to send to Jo.

I had some backyard bananas (which are the only bananas I enjoy nowadays… commercially produced are inedible). Nature is amazing, because when you pick the first one, the others ripen in turn, from one to the next rather than all at once.

The banana bunch

hanging under cover

out the back

The bananas are only

small and so delicious

that I can easily eat two

or three

30/1/2018 - Tuesday

I bought another 91x60 frame for the latest blended detournement collage image.

I went to the Innovation Campus and did some testing and practiced multi projector set up in the DMC. There are many variables that can affect the results, including the capacity/condition of the laptop itself. This set up was persistently problematic with getting everything to talk to each other and do as I want.

Practicing multi-

projector set up

I did some re-renders at a higher resolution as I was not as happy with the projection resolution as I expected to be. (full HD - there is only one 1080p projector at the DMC though)

The image lacked

clarity and was

jittery when


31/1/2018 - Wednesday

I researched some of the auto-ethnography readings and had trouble locating anything. I eventually located an introductory chapter of one of the books on my list from an Asian academic site called Research Gate. The PDF download was poor quality so I spent time fixing this up in photoshop.

I organised for print #3 to be printed.

I did some more testing at the DMC with the latest renders.

I went to Bill’s to check out and shoot some test footage of his D.I.Y green screen set up.

A blurry image of

the room taken from

just inside the door

The room is too small for shooting in, but fortunately has a sliding door that can be opened. This means that the camera sits outside to shoot through the open door. This worked well though and I spent the night playing with the footage and creating test renders.

The camera set up outside,

shooting through the open

sliding door and over the


That night, I did some editing work on some of the clips to see how the footage looked and how well I could remove the room and green screen.

A photo of the

first edit - paused

on my laptop screen

1/2/2018’- Thursday

I picked up print #3 and framed it.

Print #3 in a

91 x 60 cm


I went to the Innovation Campus to do some more testing at the DMC with the latest renders. The full HD green screen footage worked well but I have issues with the way the image within a gold ornate frame is jittering and lacking clarity. I will try to shoot this using the Canon 5D and make use of its optical zoom rather than relying the digital zoom available in post-production software.

At the DMC -

Testing the footage of

Bill added to The Long

March through the full

HD projector

Changing frame rates

and resolutions -

Trying to improve the

look of the projected


I went to the inaugural social night at Project Contemporary Artspace and made a French Onion dip (sour cream, cream cheese, and salt reduced French Onion dry soup mix) and crispy herb Lebanese bread for dipping (add a bit of oil and herbs, break into pieces, put into baking dish and into a preheated oven until crispy). I met some great people, from different disciplines, and had a preview of the new exhibition which opens tomorrow night.

Home-made dip

and herb bread


2/2/2018 - Friday

I had a meeting with Jo in the morning. This went well and focused on developing a clearer plan for 2018. Next meeting will be with both supervisors examining my reading list, the readings I have already done and annotations, timeline, structure of my thesis, exegetical writing, art work analyses, etc.

In the afternoon I researched workshops as art but so far have not found anyone else holding workshops as art. I did however find a couple of media artists who have led and taken part in socially engaged, participatory workshops. John Tyler and Angela Tiatia appeared at Samstag Museum of Art at The University of South Australia in Adelaide. I also more deeply researched media artist Stefani Bardin (who collaborated to create The Counter Kitchen)… she has a number of relevant works and collaborations of interest.

I also noticed an event held at Samstag in early March which seems particularly relevant to my project and research. It’s probably too late, but, I should probably make contact with the organisers and see if I can present my research there.

I completed minutes of the meeting to send to Jo and Andrew. I need to organise (schedule) an appointment using one of my devices. I’m not sure how to do this so will most likely request the assistance of my social media and software guru Deniz (who is much more user friendly than searching on Google).

I went out for dinner with friends to enjoy a social evening. Great Italian food and company was aesthetic bliss, a delight for the senses.

3/2/2018 - Saturday

I caught up on my journal entries for the past few days and prepared /optimised images and uploaded to the blog.

I did some more exegetical writing and included details of related artworks and practice.

4/2/2018 - Sunday.

I did some exegetical writing in the morning.

I contacted the PSST executive to have a get-together next weekend so we can start getting organised for O Week and Clubs Day

I went out with friends in the afternoon and night.

An afternoon with friends

at the Break-Out Bar...

we had to try to escape

from the Asylum

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