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End March /Start April 2018 - Week 4: Strawberry & Blackberry Jams, Natural Dying, & Test Projection

I took full advantage of the blackberries I used for making jam. I kept the seedy pulp (strained out) and used it in a natural-dying experiment, then kept the seeds to try as an exfoliant in home-made soap.

Blackberry seeds I'm keeping to try as an exfoliant in soap.

26/3/2018 - Monday

I’m working my way through old soap and desperately need to make a batch or two. This bar was used previously and set aside to see how well it lasted. It lasts very well when pre-used.

A pre-used soap bar

that’s been left for

about a year.

It hasn’t fared too badly.

More admin organising future supervisor appointments, journal etc…

I started re-editing my media annotations on Fuchs.

27/3/2018 - Tuesday

Jam making morning… 500gms of strawberries and 500gms of blackberries to make two batches. I bought two 250gram punnets of fresh strawberries for $3 each and a 500gram bag of frozen blackberries for $4. I had to go get some more sugar as well. Jam needs lots of sugar.

Two punnets



Topped and chopped


Cover with water.

Boil gently for an

hour before adding


Frozen blackberries

packaged in plastic.

Blackberries covered

with water.

Sugar added to

the strawberries.

Sugar added to

the blackberries.

Testing if the strawberry

jam is ready. Notice where

it doesn’t run back to fill-in

where I have pushed it with

my finger.

I ended up with only

four small jars from

two punnets.

I used a fine strainer

to remove the

blackberry seeds.

Testing the blackberry

jam on a cold plate to

see if it sets.

Pushing the blackberry

pulp through the strainer.

A pile of blackberry-

seed pulp beside the

used and stained strainer.

I ended up with five

jars of blackberry

jam from the

500 gram bag.

Blackberry jam with

strawberry jam in the


A log of blackberry-

seed pulp for possible

use in colouring /


I uploaded four images to Instagram and shared them to Facebook and Twitter, using the hashtags #homemadestrawberryjam, #homemadeblackberryjam, #alternativeconsumption, #creativeliving, #wollongong. I uploaded 9 images to Vero and shared to Twitter, which should share to Facebook. I used the above hashtags plus #corporationsneedmore and #artandlife

I optimised images and updated my draft journal.

I continued working on Fuchs.

I tested the blackberry jam for supper.

My first home-made

blackberry jam is

delicious and has

great consistency.

28/3/2018 - Wednesday

I did some experimental natural dying in the morning using blackberry seed pulp I strained out while making jam yesterday. Misty has since advised to maybe use a stocking to contain the seeds (which I’ll be picking out for a while) and add salt to help ‘fix’ the dye.

I’m using a pair of

cotton shorts with

paint stains for


I wrapped the shorts

in elastic bands

(tie-dye style).

I started off using 1/3

of the pulp but ended

up adding the rest to

the water.

I used as little water

as possible to make

the mix stronger.

The shorts soaked up

all the blackberry-dye


I am planning on washing and straining out the seeds to test as an exfoliant in soap.

I continued re-editing my notes from Fuchs in the afternoon.

I went to the Content Creators Illawarra meeting in the evening. The topic of discussion was short form film.

29/3/2018 - Thursday

I laid the shorts in the sun but they attracted ants so I moved them into a shadier position.

Drying in the sun.

I moved them to a shadier but ant free location.

I had a shift looking after Project gallery in the morning and continued re-editing my notes from Fuchs when I had the chance.

I had some friends drop in with Easter chocolate.

I did some more writing in the evening.

30/3/2018 - Friday

It’s Good Friday…

I unwrapped the shorts. and laid them over a chair outside so they’d dry quicker. The blackberry dye seems to have worked OK but I should’ve given more consideration to the way I wrapped them. I had folded in half before scrunching, so the dying has only really worked on one side. I’ll have to make more jam and do the same thing, but fold the already dyed side in.

Wet back.

Wet front.

Dry back.

I’m saving the seeds, which are still drying, to test as an exfoliant in soap.

The seed are wet

and clumping


I finished the latest edit of Fuchs and sent it to Andrew. I will work on the other things he wanted over the weekend and send them on Monday.

I went to a family gathering at my brother’s place for dinner and gave everyone jam instead of chocolate for Easter.

31/3/2018 - Saturday

I went to Dad’s for lunch.

I worked some more on the ‘Clouds’ edit and did some testing in the lounge room.

Test projecting my

editing of cloud

motion in the

lounge room.

There is alternating

vertical motion

between the four


At times the four

panels aren’t visible.

I also had the idea to use this footage in a detournement using my overlay method. This idea came from the fact that the resolution of the footage is not the best, due to original files having been lost (inadvertently deleted). ☹ This will hopefully not be as noticeable, by not being the sole focus, when blended with other footage.

I also noticed when messing around with the menu settings on the projector that the composition (Full HD - 1920 x 1080), doesn’t match the projector. I should therefore change the output settings to 1440 x 900 and re-render to match the resolutions of the composition to the projector.

1/4/2018 - Sunday

I updated my journal draft and optimised images etc… ready for publishing to the website tomorrow.

I worked on administrative, organisational things ready to send to Andrew on Monday, such as revised timeline, reading priorities etc…

The blackberry seeds are dried read to use in soap soon.

Dried blackberry seeds…

retrieved from making

jam and dying shorts.

I uploaded images to Vero and Instagram and shared them to Twitter and Facebook + added hashtags… #wollongong #clouds #naturalrhythms #artandlife #corporationsneedmore

I gave out some Easter Jam to the neighbours and some friends.

The exhibition ended so I picked up my digital prints from Project an hour after the gallery closed in the afternoon.

I re-rendered the cloud composition at 1440 x 900 and projected to see if it looked any better than at Full HD (which doesn’t match the projector). I also changed the colouring to make it look hyper-real. This worked well but the quality is still poor.

A picture taken of


footage playing

on the laptop.

Another hyper-

saturated picture

of the composition

playing on the laptop.

Another hyper-

saturated picture

of the composition

playing on the the laptop.

I’m going to try shooting footage of the projection and/or the laptop screen to see if that improves the quality. I also decided to do this as a three-channel projection, with de-saturated, natural, and hyper-saturated channels. This will vary from other detournements by using the same footage in all three channels. This is also a self-detournement, in the sense that I am reworking and re-contextualising cultural material that I produced a few years ago.

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