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February 2018 - Week 1: Markalade and Art Galleries

This was a very diverse week of activities, ranging from making Orange Markalade to visiting the Museum of Contemporary Art to see video artist Pipilotti Rist's 30 years retrospective and the Art Gallery of New South Wales to see Robert Maplethorpe's photography exhibition.

5/2/2018 - Monday

I went and bought some oranges to make some markalade.

The grated peel

of six oranges

Oranges after

grating the peel

Oranges with

pith removed

Pith, seeds and

fibrous matter


Grated peel and

broken up orange


Ready for water

and cooking

Just enough water

added to cover the

fruity bits

The final results…

2 small jars

and 1 large jar…

With a little

extra leftover

I’m trying to reduce meat so am having a no-meat Monday. I made a vegetarian pizza to get the ball rolling.

Mushroom, capsicum,

onion, and pineapple


Ready to be put into

the oven

I went to Matt and Deniz’ place for a vegetarian dinner.

6/2/2018 - Tuesday

I worked on the feedback from Jo concerning my writing about that part of my creative practice that experiments with detournement.

I took 2 bags of accumulated soft plastics to be recycled. The one that had been put in front of Coles in Wollongong has been removed and I had to take them to Berkeley when I went to see my father.

2 bags for


and 1 on

the go

I gave a jar of markalade to Alison who lives across the road for her birthday. This is good for helping to establish and grow a co-operative local community.

7/2/2018 - Wednesday

I did more on my exegetical writing for The Long March (2018), outlining a possible exhibition as well as responding to other feedback about structure etc.

A sketch of my

proposed gallery

layout to exhibit

the six-works of

The Long March 2018

I worked on my exegetical writing before I had lunch with fellow PhD candidate Misty… we discussed the possibility of doing some Batik together. This is an Indonesian textile dying method using wax. I hope we get to do this.

I saw PhD candidate Vern about providing the next reading for the Semi-Colons reading group.

8/2/2018 - Thursday

I did some emails etc. in the morning. It looks as if I’m going to be given a tighter and more rigorous program. Eek! Next joint meeting (19th of February) will be a massive review of where I’m at.

I updated my journal - optimising images etc.

I had lunch with Research Masters candidate Deniz.

I continued exegetical writing.

9/2/2018 - Friday

I had lunch with fellow PhD candidate John… good to catch up for another year coming.

I spent some time doing Social Media… PSST Facebook… notify members of upcoming events… O Week and Clubs Day… Plus Corporations Need More Facebook and Twitter… I need to start thinking about Instagram too.

10/2/2018 - Saturday

I went to the MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) to see Swiss Video Artist, Pipilotti Rist’s 30-year retrospective with some friends. I read about autoethnography on the way to Sydney on the train.

Projection onto

a painting -

Pipilotti Rist

We took a scenic walk through the Botanic Gardens to see the Robert Maplethorpe exhibition and Art Express at the AGNSW (Art Gallery of New South Wales).

Pink bananas in

the Botanic Gardens.

I didn’t get back in time to go home and get ready for an event in that evening.

At about 7.00pm I got off the train at Thirroul to attend the farewell function (in shorts, T-shirt and sandals after a hot day… everyone else was suitably attired).

The joys of


hiding the

sadness of


11/2/2018 - Sunday

We held a PSST meeting to organise ourselves for O Week which is coming up on February 20th. We developed a plan for prizes and running our Treasure Hunt Derive. We’re promoting alternative consumption using info sheets and providing a hand painted tote bag with items for winners. Participants will need to locate and document where they find the PSST logo.

The Post Situationist

Society Logo

Deniz made 2 avatar/emojis for me to use on social media. It’s amazing how customizable you can design them.

Scarily lifelike


Even Suitman has

been beautifully


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