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February 2018 - Week 3: O Week - PSST Treasure Hunt

19/2/2018 - Monday

I went to get last minute prizes for tomorrow. 17 treasure prize packs consist of an insulated travel cup, a jar of markalade, and an ‘alternative consumption on campus’ information card, in a little insulated bag.

One of the







Some different colours

and style of travel cup…

and lots of little

insulated bags.

I attended an information session for O Week activities - which is on tomorrow.

I had my supervisors meeting, which went well. I will see one of them every month.

I put out the rubbish for collection and was impressed back the large amount of space still left in the bins.

There are still some

plastic bags in there

(from my housemate),

but rubbish reduction

is going well overall.

Even the recycling bin

is nearly empty,

including cans and

things from visitors.

20/2/2018 - Tuesday

O Week celebrations - the Post Situationist Society Treasure Hunt Derive. All went well, though it was hectic setting up. This was because I ended up on my own, running around organising locations to be found, (people had to locate 10 of 20 PSST logos spread around the campus to claim their treasure0, and by the time I got to set up the table, there was no table. I ended up being allocated another table, and when I returned with things to set it up, it had been taken. I was allocated another table, and sure enough someone tried to take that too, but fortunately I was there to stop that. By then Deniz arrived to help.

One of

the 20






And another.

We had about 35 people vying for the 17 prizes we had. Later, Justy arrived to give us a break before packing up. We went to the Unibar for an unwind debrief drink afterwards.

21/2/2018 - Wednesday

I went into the Uni early to work there for the day in my studio space. I did the necessary administrative stuff for the event PSST held yesterday.

I went to the High Output Writing Group meeting at 11.30, after a long absence. I will attend more regularly now (it’s on weekly), to be more disciplined and produce lots of new writing.

I went to a welcome lunch for new HDR students and did a couple more hours of work before leaving.

I continued to work at home on various writing tasks.

22/2/2018 - Thursday

Bob’s drying out some seeds for planting in the backyard.

These capsicum seeds

have been sitting in the

sun on the windowsill

to dry for a week so far.

23/2/2018 - Friday

I went and collected all the PSST O Week stuff from my studio space.

I showed by brother Paul round the campus.

I went and organised to return equipment to Glenn at the Innovation campus early next week (week 1 of the new semester)

24/2/2018 - Saturday

Reading, writing in the morning.

Lunch with Dad

More reading and writing in the afternoon before going to Nic’s housewarming party. A great gathering of new and old friends.

I started using bicarb soda as a deodorant instead of making it using oils. This is because of the ongoing issue with underarm stains on my shirts. I have found the bicarb works well but you need to be careful how much you put on as I found it burned a bit at first.

A little on the finger

and applied to damp

armpits after showering.

25/2/2028 - Sunday

Reading and writing and breaks having coffee and watching torrential rain.

Sitting on the

front balcony

enjoying the


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