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January 2018 - Week 1: Getting Organised and Active

Updated: Feb 3, 2018

This is the start of another year... which comes with a sense of renewal. With that, I feel compelled to add to my alternative consumption practice and work within my area of media arts, engaging in some digital creativity. I will do this before commencement of first semester. I want to develop my art practice and get involved in exhibitions outside of the Uni. This is a milestone I would like to achieve in the coming year.

A still-frame from two

combined videos.

1/1/2018 - Monday

I was sick through the night and have been up since 2.30am. I have caught some fluey / cold bug… I’ll be having an easy day.

2/1/2018 - Tuesday

A Festivus card has been returned from Tasmania (I put the wrong PO Box number) and therefore I assume the shirts, markalade and soap also never arrived (with the same wrong PO Box number). I chased up the box and found that it was just waiting to be picked up. I resent the card to the correct address.

3/1/2018 - Wednesday

I registered PSST for ‘O Week’ on February 20th, and Clubs Day on March 7th. We plan to hold a treasure hunt ‘derive’ for ‘O Week’ and a D.I.Y pancake making day for Clubs Day. I also applied for $100 and $150 respectively for these events to cover the cost of ingredients, prizes, giveaways and printing etc. The Uni system had a bug and I can’t complete funding applications for either of these events ATM.

4/1/2018 - Thursday

I added a bit of extra artwork to the shirt I painted for myself. I decided that a black fleck (spots) with freehand squiggles would improve it more to my taste.

My tee-shirt with

added black fleck

and squiggles

I made a potato bake in readiness for a bring a plate night tomorrow.

I sat out the front eating lunch feeling more in the moment than usual, and was acutely aware of every sound from neighbourhood birds and some industrious handyman. Lunch was extra tasty as it satisfied my rumbling stomach and I felt like a true aestheticist, enjoying qualities in every moment.

5/1/2018 - Friday

I went to the op shop and bought some shirts and painted them for people I didn’t see over Christmas (I’ve temporarily cleared out the op-shop’s plain tee-shirts).

6/1/2018 - Saturday

I showed Gareth how to paint a couple of shirts. I could have made it a bit easier on him by filling the spray bottles so that they did not need to be held so upright. Gareth was getting frustrated that the spray bottle would only squirt a little before it started just blowing air or spitting and sputtering.

I began work on a three-screen detournement video. I researched and downloaded some contrasting footage - the world’s biggest factory in China; and shopping madness during ‘Black Friday’ sales. I will edit the footage, and make a single composition with factory footage on the left, shopping footage on the right, and blended/combined footage (using opacity) in the centre.

7/1/2017 - Sunday

I went to have a look at Jason’s garage that he’s been organising to use as an art studio. He’s clad the walls with wood and attached tools etc to clear the floor. There is a large work table and plenty of space for filming. I’ve organised to do some shooting of Suitman in action next weekend.

I worked some more on the video, creating the edits that will appear on the right and left of the final three screens.

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