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January 2018 - Week 3: Double Detournement

By creating a look of collapsing-together, caught-in-the-same-flow, this double detournement adds new layers of meaning.

15/1/2018 - Monday

I designed a double detournement composite image to fit into the 60x91cm frame, allowing for white space surrounding to act as the equivalent of a picture mount.

Nine frames blended and given surrounding white space as a built-in mount

I worked on catching up the in-computer blog images where relevant in readiness for updating the website.

16/1/2018 - Tuesday

I went and had the large design printed. It fits the frame well, including the white space I included as a built-in mount.

Designed with a built-in

mount, the image fits the

frame well.

17/1/2018 - Wednesday

I designed a new double detournement composite image A3 (approx. 30x45cm) using 8 still frames.

8 blended still frames (unevenly sized and positioned)

18/1/2018 - Thursday

I went to the Innovation Campus to test the three-projector video. I will go back another day soon to practice setting up using the splitter that synchronises the three projectors.

Testing at the DMC gallery

I had the latest 8 still-frames composite design printed and framed.

The latest image

in an A2 frame

with an A3 mount

19/1/2018 - Friday

My first supervisors meeting of 2018 with Andrew. We discussed altering the structure of my thesis, so that I would no longer provide historical background (as it is not necessary and has already been done), instead, beginning with a look at the issues /problems being caused by neoliberalism.

I detourned a few images, using a clock and a compass overlaid with production and consumption images to demonstrate the space/ time reality of neoliberalism.

Compass Clock (Space/Time Continuum)

The clock hands point into the regions designated by the compass, i.e. North West (the 1st world) and South East (3rd world), demonstrating their interconnectedness and reliability on each other. The big hand points to the NW, indicating the power imbalance with the small hand pointing to the SE. On reflection, perhaps the images need to be more direct… something to think about.

20/1/2018 - Saturday

I completed minutes of yesterday’s meeting to send to my supervisors and started to organise the next meeting with Jo.

I activated my website mailbox and did some redesigning of colours (success or failure messages when sending me an email were inappropriately coloured and could barely be read).

21/1/2018 - Sunday

I did some catching up on uploading blog stuff to my website. It is incredibly time-consuming and I will need a couple more days of uploading to get up to date so that I can be uploading as I go.

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