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January 2018 - Week 4: Triple Detourenement and Strawberry Jam

By adding more elements to a double detournement, I add new layers of meaning as a triple detournement.

A new element (the

ornate gold frame)

is introduced to a

double detournement.

22/1/2018 - Monday

I have two apps included in my premium wix plan, which I finally got around to activating. One is called Site Booster which supposedly makes it easier to be found online, and the other called Form Builder enables customisation of forms for information collection.

I used the Wix SEO wiz to update the site SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

I continued uploading previous posts to the blog with the hope that I can tick it off the to-do list.

23/1/2018 - Tuesday

I uploaded more blog posts and am getting close to catching up as I am now up to January. I did a little redesign stuff along the way, finally settling on having small images aligned left in my blogs. I also realised I should be optimising all images (I had assumed that this was no longer an issue due to bandwidth). I have optimised images for the past couple of months only. Consequently, I’ll need to go back through my image uploads to rectify this so that page load times are not so painfully slow.

Jason became my first signed-up member of Corporations Need More, and I granted him writer status so that he can add his own blog posts. This is an important milestone towards creating an online community. I will contact Keith in Melbourne to advise him that he is able to join now. This will assist information dissemination.

I rendered about twenty still frame images from The Long March 2018 to start a new blended image. I started a 91x60 inches work comprised of sixteen of these images.

24/1/2018 - Wednesday

I went to Project Contemporary Art Space and got two nomination signatures from members for my membership application, paid my $25 annual fee, and submitted it. I also had a form signed by the two members for Deniz to make an application.

I went to get a white A4 frame to give an image to a neighbour who has expressed an interest in purchasing Space/Time Continuum 2018 (compass/clock).

I worked some more on the latest 16 still-frame blended composition, and am unsure if I’ll add more (it currently has 3 straight sides and a blended top).

16 Still-Frames blended into one image (91x60inches)

I also digitally inserted the image into a gold ornate frame to be used for a video composition as a triple detournement.

Inserted into a gold ornate frame for projection

The composition has the image growing from 1% to 100% size for a minute, then it stays at that size for 30 seconds before collapsing back to 1% size. I made this at 1024x768px resolution to be played by one of the larger (in terms of brightness/lumens) NEC projectors.

25/1/2018 - Thursday

PSST was granted $50 by UOW CSE (Centre for Student Experience) to go towards prizes for our Treasure Hunt Derive on February 20, and $150 towards our D.I.Y pancake making day on March 7. I had to create two events in the Uni web system to notify the student population of these activities. I will also make a Facebook post and send a newsletter for the benefit of members.

Matt tested the site to see about joining and the process is far from intuitive so I need to insert some explanatory text. Matt became a member so I will need to grant him writer status. I should also review privacy/public access setting.

Deniz pointed out that I need to organise an EGM (Emergency General Meeting) to replace one of our executives. This is because we assumed that Justy would be continuing to do an Honours year, but her proposal was not accepted. Accordingly, Deniz is returning to do her Research Masters, and has volunteered to take up Justy’s position as Secretary. I need to hold and promote the EGM during semester, which commences late February/early March.

26/1/2018 - Friday

Australia Day… I’m focused on writing (related to my latest creative surge with various detournements). I am writing an artist statement (didactic panel) as well as conducting an artwork analysis that I aim to send to my principle (and artwork) supervisor Jo on Monday in readiness for our meeting next Friday.


I framed the A4 compass/clock image ready to give to my artist neighbour Chub (who’d previously asked to buy it).

Framed A4


27/1/2018 - Saturday

I emptied the two remaining small jars of still runny strawberry jam into a pan and heated to boiling before adding some pectin to get it to set. I severely underestimated the power of pectin and added 2 heaped dessert spoons. The mixture thickened quickly and left some pectin powder undissolved. In future I will add pectin gradually to get a feel for it. As it was, I didn’t even need to check a small amount on a cold plate because it gelled significantly in the pan.

The runny strawberry

jam poured into a pan

for heating.

Adding pectin to

the boiling jam

The hot jam in

heated jars.

28/1/2018 - Sunday

I continued catching up with the blog. I have decided to do weekly blogs rather than monthly (which are too diverse for title and search relevance). I am further reducing image sizes by optimising to 600px rather than 800px. I am also going to do a review blog for 2016/2017 and a composite workshop blog for 2016/2017 (hopefully to be completed during this coming week).

I reviewed the website settings so that members only can view profiles and I created a social media campaign of sorts by sending a wix shoutout to current members (three - including myself). I then shared the link on my Facebook page, as well as the Corporations Need More page, and the Post Situationist Society page, and through the Corporations Need More Twitter account.

The shoutout I shared on

social media announcing

my return to activity and

inviting participation

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