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June 2017 - Hobart (Dark Mofo & MONA)

Updated: Jan 23, 2018


I went to a Research Proposal Review information session today.

Exegetical writing is due by 12/6/2017

18-24/6/2017– Tasmania

I gave up milk while I was away. This is for a few reasons, but mainly to help my breathing. (Milk produces lots of mucous, and I have averaged about 10 litres of milk a week for many years). Also, I watched a documentary about milk and calcium which seemed to reveal yet another corporate lie, i.e. drinking milk provides calcium to the body which is good for the bones. Statistics, however, indicate that the Western nations with the highest amount of milk consumption also have the highest rates of osteoporosis. If milk really was strengthening the bones, this result is a contradiction. My decision is also motivated by anti-corporate sentiment and I am also eliminating a considerable amount of plastic packaging.

I arrived in Hobart late in the Dark Mofo calendar, but managed to get to a few exhibitions over a couple of days.

I went to MONA to see the ‘Museum of Everything’ exhibition, a collection of ‘outsider’ art, curated in a domestic setting, underscoring my ideas on the universality of creativity. There was a huge array of work, across many disciplines and mediums, including taxidermy.

Taxidermy kittens having tea


I’m working on my RPR


I combined various leftovers of previous deodorant recipes, including my current version, a solid and some with no solid but separated, to create one homogenous version. Some have tea tree essential oil added and some have vanilla essential oil added. I heated my current deodorant and the solid leftovers, mixed the separated leftovers and combined them all to create a nice and creamy version. This applies well and is effective.

Solid, separated, and current deodorant jars, plus a separated


A full jar of newly homogenised deodorant; two empty jars; and a separated roll-on


I’m cooking more often with fresh food to minimise my use of processed and packaged options, and I’m keeping up with the composting of vegetable scraps. I have an empty ice-cream container that I put the scraps into so they can easily be taken out to the garden for burial. This does not take long to do. I then rinse the container and keep it on top of the fridge till needed.

Veggie scraps in the

ice-cream container

ready to be taken out

for burial

Veggie scraps get buried

in the garden


I was given a home-made lip balm today by a friend and went to dispose of my accumulated soft plastics at the Berkeley Coles store.

Home-made lip balm

in an old Avon container

REDcycle bin for soft

plastics at Berkeley

I also made a new batch of citrus oil cleaner using mandarin peels. I read somewhere that it helps to extract the oil by removing the layer of white pith from inside the skin, so I did this as well as cutting up the peelings into smaller pieces. I accumulated peels over a few days to fill a small jar before adding enough white vinegar to cover them.

Removing the pith

The white pith has

been removed from

the peel

The peelings have

been cut into smaller


This jar full of de-pithed

mandarin peels in white

vinegar has been dated

and will sit and extract

the oil for a month before

straining into a spray bottle.


I'm still working on my RPR


The first batch of orange oil cleaner I prepared has matured for a month and is ready for straining into a spray bottle.

Slightly coloured

liquid after a month

(the pith left on)

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