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March 2018 - Week 2: My Digital Prints in an Exhibition at Project Gallery

Updated: Mar 26, 2018

My pictures are on the far wall with the black frames.

12/3/2018 - Monday

I went to Project Gallery and dropped off the two digital prints I am putting into the members exhibition this week. These are double detournements from The Long March #2.

I reworked some writing about my socially engaged practice and the two recent ‘constructed situations’ (Treasure Hunt Derive and Pancake Making) to send to Project for them to put in their next newsletter (in case other artists are interested).

13/3/2018 - Tuesday

I went to the Uni early for breakfast with Deniz and then to a two-hour seminar about thesis structures. We ran into Jen (an artist I’d met at Project Gallery) and sat together to discuss practiced-based theses.

I took lot of PSST related items that had built up at my place to store in my studio space at the Uni. I dropped them off before heading home to work.

I re-shared the PSST-meeting Facebook-event along with a reminder comment.

I updated the participation figures for the Pancake Making event on the university website and modified the look of the Post Situationist Society home page, to give a clearer explanation of what the collective is and does.

I did some test projecting in the lounge room of some old footage I am changing from twin to single projection

Projecting onto the

ceiling makes it look

like there's a skylight

14/3/2018 - Wednesday

I’m still testing rancid soap to see how well it works. It is still good as soap, although it has a slightly unpleasant smell now.

Discoloured soap

with ‘orange spot’.

I had birthday eve lunch with Deniz

15/3/2018 - Thursday

I had birthday lunch with Deniz and Matt

16/3/2018 - Friday

We had the meet ‘n’ greet and EGM at the Unibar and had a sufficient turnout, but no new members turned up. It doesn’t help that the Uni IT system is making it impossible to access our mailing list. We quickly conducted all necessary business even though we started a bit late.

I went to the opening of the exhibition I’m in at Project gallery. (Excuse the complete lack of pictures… I was caught up in the excitement and did a lot of talking to different people about the digital prints I’m exhibiting.

I went for dinner afterwards with friends who came to support me at my first show outside of the university.

17/3/2018 - Saturday

I worked on editing exegetical writing to send to supervisor Jo on Monday.

I went out with friends for Deniz’s Mexican birthday dinner.

18/3/2018 - Sunday

I went and did a ‘sitting’ shift… looking after the gallery in the morning.

I worked on editing thesis notes related to social-media (by Christian Fuchs)

while at the gallery and again in the afternoon.

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