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March 2018 - Week 3: Tracey Emin and a 1970s Disco Party

Tracey Emin is well known for her autobiographical approach to art. Her work deals with life from a personal perspective. She is best remembered for her conceptual art in the 1990s, such as her installation My Bed, though she has remained active since. I went with Misty to see her at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. What a great night.

Emin kept everybody’s attention with her personal stories.

19/3/2018 - Monday

I did more writing /editing and sent to Jo mid-afternoon.

I went to sister-in-law Carla’s birthday dinner at Dad’s

20/3/2018 - Tuesday

I went op-shopping with a group of friends to try to get costumes for a 1970s disco themed party being held for Jason’s birthday on Saturday.

Trying on 'disco'

pants at the op


These sparkly pants

fit ok but were a bit

loose and were too

expensive. ($28)

Looking like Albert


I ended up buying

these for $12.

I watched the documentary ‘Whitely’ about Brett Whitely at night.

21/3/2018 - Wednesday

I did some administrative work, catching up emails, journal and blog till mid-afternoon.

I went to the AGNSW with Misty see Tracy Emin giving a talk at night.

There were quite a

few people there to

listen to what Tracey

Emin had to say.

22/3/2018 - Thursday

I’m not feeling well… picked up a bug walking in the rain over the last couple of days.

Meeting with Jo in the morning.

I went to lunch with Matt and Deniz and couldn’t eat it with not feeling very well. I asked for a takeaway container and was pleased to see cardboard instead of plastic.

Cardboard takeaway

box from Rashays in

North Wollongong.

Deniz helped with social media in the afternoon. She set up my Vero account (a new platform that could serve as an alternative to Facebook) and showed me how to connect Instagram posts to Facebook and twitter so that I can upload once and still post on the three platforms. Deniz made a post with the image I took of my takeaway container and explained hashtags as she added a few, such as #ditchtheplastic, I need to learn more about Vero, start using Instagram for alternative consumption images etc., and start using hashtags.

23/3/2018 - Friday

I read the latest reading about ‘emotional reflexivity’ in the morning and went into the Uni for the Semicolons reading group… unfortunately I was the only one there so I came home to do some work.

A great way to build community is through sharing. Neighbour Chub regularly brings all sorts of home-grown produce from his backyard garden.

Tiny eggplants (with a

long-handled teaspoon

for scale).

Passionfruit ripening on the window sill.

Chloe sent a picture

of her latest garden

addition to her new


24/3/2018 - Saturday

I worked on administrative stuff (journal, emails, minutes, appointments etc.) before going to Dad’s for lunch.

I made a post to Instagram of a picture from Wednesday night at the AGNSW to see Tracey Emin… I used the hashtages #autobiographicalart #artandlife #AGNSW #TraceyEmin

Jason’s disco fancy-dress started at 5.00… Nic volunteered to stay sober and drive. Another great night out this week.

The 1970s

are back.

Disco dudes.

25/3/2018 - Sunday

I caught up on PSST admin from the EGM. This took longer than expected because of the new Constitution supplied by Unilife that had to be modified to reflect our society. Plus writing up the minutes.

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