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May 2018 - Week 2: Digi-Tart Exhibition

Updated: May 21, 2018

The Digital Art exhibition starts this week at Project Contemporary Art Space. It's the first time I've been outside the University to set up multiple projectors. Thankfully, Jason finished work early and was interested in seeing the set-up. His help was invaluable in getting everything to work correctly.

Jason finalising set up for the multi-channel work, Commodisky.

7/5/2018 - Monday

I went to the innovation campus first thing in the morning to collect equipment for the exhibition. This included: 3 projectors, a video splitter, a laptop, 2 speakers and stands, and various cables and connectors.

I met a few of my PhD cohort for morning tea and cuppas before going to set up Project.

I went to Project around lunch time. Jason turned up a couple of hours later and moved things along much faster and efficiently.

The projections running (the gallery lights are still on)

Jason admiring his handy-work,

In the late afternoon, I re-rendered the work using my apple desktop computer (instead of the Windows laptop), so that I had access to other video codecs. I used Apple Pro Res 422 HQ and the file ended up being 65 gig. I compressed it as an mp4 down to less than 2 gigabytes.

I did admin (emails, booking supervisor meetings, etc.), as well as journal work (optimising images and finalising for publication etc.) at night.

8/5/2018 - Tuesday

I continued setting up and realised the projections need something more. I had been wondering how I could exhibit home-made items when it struck me that they would help in interpreting CommodiSky. I had greatest difficulty in deciding on something for the de-saturated images. For this area I used rice in bowls, with chopsticks and a respiratory puffer. I put objects on a pedestal in front of the unaffected projection, and rubbish under the hyper-saturated projection.

Bowls with rice, chopsticks, and a respiratory puffer.

Keep cup, metal knife and fork with hand-towel, plus homemade soap, jams, toothpaste, and deodorant.

Rubbish spread out under the hyper-saturated projection.

Projections with related objects underneath.

9/5/2018 - Wednesday

Last minute fix up... rearranging objects... especially the rubbish which had been spread out. Instead, I bunched it up.

The final look, with the rubbish bunched up.

At night I went to the content creators Illawarra meeting at Wollongong City Gallery, which also doubled as a creative /cultural plan for Wollongong meeting.

10/5/2018 - Thursday

I did some more Situationist writing.

11/5/2018 - Friday

I finally finished editing writing about the transcendence of art and sent it to Andrew.

The exhibition opening went extremely well. We went out for dinner afterwards.

Digitart Exhibition Catalogue.

List of exhibiting artists.

12/5/2018 - Saturday

I've got a sore throat and sniffles. I hope I don't come down with a bug.

I went with Deniz, Desiree, Noah, Ben, and Sam to support the launch of Queer Space in Wollongong. This was a good venue to support this community.

13/5/2018 - Sunday

The bug has more of a hold and has turned into a heavy head cold. I'll have an easy-ish day.

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