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September 2016 Detournement Using Ads

Updated: Jan 23, 2018

I’ve been working on a detournement for about six months (thinking of possibly a feature-length film) and have decided I am approaching it incorrectly. I have been using ads with all the advertising references stripped out (visual and audio). I am constructing a narrative of someone’s life and replacing all audio. Currently, I have completed about fifteen minutes but I think I should go back to all the original footage and do the opposite, i.e. using the product. I’ll let it rest for a while and think on it a bit more before I go ahead and do anything radical…

Video Still from

Jose Wong

A number of contemporary social movements are providing information as a way to support and promote personal behavioural change. By incorporating these kinds of behavioural changes, in particular a do-it-yourself approach to my personal care and household care needs, I will reduce my need to go and buy so much ‘stuff’. There is a lot of information being shared on social media about how to make your own personal care and home care products, which, apart from food, consist of a large proportion of regular shopping needs. This has the added benefit of providing greater life experience, rather than the limitations of consumer behaviour.

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