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February 2018 - Week 2: More Markalade & Searching for Treasure

12/2/2018 - Monday

Matt and Deniz and I went looking all over Wollongong for plain tote bags for painting and to hold treasure/prizes for the upcoming treasure hunt, but couldn’t find any locally.

13/2/2018 - Tuesday

Markalade on toast in the morning is a good energy booster.

The markalade

looks nicely set

My brother is visiting from Tasmania and we discussed he and his wife’s alternative consumption and more generally, creative activity in the process of living. He joined them both as a single member of corporationsneedmore so they can blog.

I caught up on my journal and last week’s blog uploads.

I went to the committee meeting for Project Contemporary Artspace to see if can become unofficially/ semi-involved (because I’m interested but am already overcommitted).

14/2/2018 - Wednesday

It’s the happy anniversary of my family’s arrival in Australia 52 years ago today, but the sad anniversary of my Mum’s funeral as well. I went with my brother and father to scatter flowers where her ashes had been scattered a few years ago up at Stanwell Tops. We then had lunch with reminiscences. We also had dinner with my other brother and his family later. It’s great to spend time with family.

15/2/2018 - Thursday

I went looking for calico bags in suburban shopping centres and came up empty handed again. I may need to reconsider the treasure prizes for the Treasure Hunt…water bottles maybe?

I wrote about autoethnography. This is the research methodology I am using to investigate my behaviours while undergoing personal revolution (individual alchemy). This is like autobiography, except with cultural analysis and interpretation as well as narrative details.

I also did some extra reading about Cultural Capital (Pierre Bourdieu)

16/2/2018 - Friday

I did some journal, blog, and website work.

I started organising materials for my supervisors meeting on Monday afternoon.

17/2/2018 - Saturday

Lunch at Dad’s

I continued getting organised for my Monday meeting. I’m taking the following:

  • An annotated reading list (in order of priority) – read, annotated, scanned etc.

  • A revised reading list (including artworks)

  • RPR presentation re-structured into a sketch for my argument (I.e. Thesis structure)

  • Prepared timeline for 2018 with realistic milestones of outcomes (writings, tests, case studies/interviews)

  • A Table of Content with the writing-to-date matched against sections or chapters

19/2/2018 - Sunday

I used the remaining 12 oranges to make my biggest batch of markalade yet. I will use them as prizes for the treasure hunt on Tuesday.

12 oranges ready

to have the skin


Pith to discard on

the left and orange

segments for cooking

on the right.

Oranges and rind

with water boiling

lightly for an hour

before adding sugar.

Jars with boiling water

to sterilise them

before adding the hot

markalade mixture.

I decanted the mixture

into a jug for pouring

into the jars.

(Note the jars on the left

are turned upside-down

to sterilise the interior

of the lid).

I made 10 x 150ml

jars from 12 oranges.

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